by Musta Fior

A poetic work on the partial disappearance of female faces that was part of the iconography of the magazines of the 50s, 60s and 70s in advertisements, politics and the artistic world. The artist questions our view of the photographs and images produced by contemporary society since the post-war period.

Spread from E.Klips by Musta Fior
Courtesy of the publisher.

About the artist:
Musta Fior is an autodidact. He has created collages since 2010. Prolific, he realizes many series, sometimes in connection with each other. They can be figurative and narrative or abstract and deconstructed. To this end, he searches in his collection of magazines and books for images with which he works to achieve these artistic works. He regularly works on the image of the female body and faces and their relationship with the plant world. When cutting the elements to use, he also keeps all the remaining small fragments and integrates them into other more spontaneous abstract compositions. Musta Fior already has a few books to his credit, including a first publication Aprekaf at Redfoxpress published in 2014.

Text adapted from the publisher’s press materials

by Musta Fior
limited edition book; 150 numbered copies
40 pages; hardcover
€35/ £30/$45 US
Redfoxpress, Achill, County Mayo, Ireland; April 2018

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