La VIDA Es Corta / Life Is Short

La VIDA Es Corta / Life Is Short

by Fabian Giles

An experiment of collage of images and letters that simplify the brevity of existence.

“Life is short. Eliminate the negative. Forget the gossip. Say goodbye to people who don’t care about you. Spend time with those who are always there. Buy those shoes. Drink fine liquor. Eat those fucking tamales. Make that bullshit you have in mind.”

Estrella LS de la Rosa by Fabian Giles
11″x8.5″; paper and plastic waste; 2018
Courtesy of the artist.

About the author:
Fabian Giles is an audiovisual multidisciplinary artist and illustrator specializing in collage, digital photography,, and artivism. His interests are related to the ideas and analysis between culture, society and technology, and all its influences on mass media, music and film by the diffusion of creative messages and proposals that could impact and reflect something positive in the people who receive it.

La VIDA Es Corta / Life Is Short
by Fabian Giles
36 pages; digital
$1.99 US
Fabian Giles, Mexico City, Mexico; 2019

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