Limits: Collage Sketchbook

by Paul Kramer Waters

Paul Kramer Waters learned fairly quickly as an architect that the world of building design is littered with limits. The challenge was to craft a creative environment where limits are perceived as opportunities rather than obstacles. Again and again, the work got better as more limitations were imposed. Paul found that process creatively thrilling.

His book Limits is an attempt to recreate that feeling with sketch collage. He’s testing the theory that constraints only sharpen the artist, even in this playful, free-flowing art form.

Various Horizon collages by Paul Kramer Waters
16”x8”; various papers including tissue paper, cloth, and magazine images; 2021. Courtesy of the artist.

He imposes strict design limitations before uncapping a glue stick or touching scissors. After these limits are in place, he fills a sketchbook with collages that live and breathe those constraints.

24 of his “limits” sketchbooks are shown and described in the book. The book opens with a poem by his daughter, Julia. The narratives for each limit are written by his son, Daniel.

Limits: Collage Sketchbook
by Paul Kramer Waters
58 pages; 8.5″x8.5″
Self-published, Portland, Oregon, USA, 2023

You can purchase the book from Lulu.