Musta Fior

Musta Fior

Collector of books, magazines, fanzines, records and sound objects that are often rare and unusual, Musta Fior, steeped in his environment and in love with images, became a collagist on a summer day in 2010. Self-taught, he creates his collages out of cut papers from various sources: magazines, books, or found papers. In his work, different universes meet or are telescoped through the use of forgotten popular imagery, shaking up the image of the body, and radical juxtaposition of elements. Always looking for surprises for the eye and refusing aesthetic comfort, Musta Fior regularly works in series, not hesitating to question his approach in the process. Many of his collages have been published in artzines, magazines and collections. Four books on his work have been published by independent publishers.

This book was featured in a News & Notes item in Kolaj #21.

We wrote:

The artist explains, “The cut-out bodies, taken out of their photographic context, or extracted from the arms of a partner, are thus placed in images of a catalog of furniture and decorations…These shapeless bodies, having lost all form of life, haunt places usually described as living rooms.”


Musta Fior
by Musta Fior
8.3″x5.8″; 40 pages
5 €
Les Crocs Électriques, France, 2016

Purchase the book from Les Crocs Électriques HERE.

Le coin repos japonaise
by Musta Fior
Courtesy of the artist