The cover of Issue 1


compiled by Ewan Aparicio

In Issue 12 of Kolaj Magazine, Ric Kasini Kadour reviewed Nothing/Forever Issue 1, the first part of a five part collage ‘zine by British collage artist Ewan Aparicio. Black & white on thick, saddle-stapled A5 paper, the 24-page ‘zine features the work of Aparicio and Eric Gallipo, Richard Rupenus, Jean-Baptiste Lévêque, Kate Rissiek, and Zen Zsigo.

“Nothing/Forever feels like a well-curated mix tape.”

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Issue 2 features more artists and more pages, including Ewan Aparicio, Matteo Castro, Kevin McEleney, Derrick Spotts, Luke Tandy, Luca Vinciguerra, and vnutrennosti.
In Issue 3 the ongoing series of collage and negative manipulations finds light between the dark.
Featuring friends old and new: Ewan Aparicio, Zohar Doron, Reece Thomas Green, Mat, Harrison, Luca Vinciguerra, and Zen Zsigo.
The fourth issue in the ongoing black and white collage series.
Featuring Ewan Aparicio, Niels Geybels, Nathan Ivanco, Lydia Lazarus, Gaz Myles, Matthew Reis, P. van Trigt, and Julia Volonts.
The fifth and final issue in the Nothing/Forever series.
Drawing to a close with new works from Ewan Aparicio, Camila Dunster, Matt Harrison, Diana Palermo, Luke Tandy, and P. van Trigt.

About Ewan Aparicio:
The artist writes, “I’m a London-based artist and self-publisher primarily working with old magazines, photocopier distortion and card, as well as the occasional use of paint and other mixed media. Recent works have utilized sources ranging from war, ancient architecture and sculpture, the occult and anatomy. I run the Input Error website focused on distributing new collage artist publications and am interested in collaborating and meeting with like minded artists.”

Text adapted from the author’s press materials

Nothing/Forever (Issues 1-5)
compiled by Ewan Aparicio
8.25”x6.375”, 24 pages each
Input Error; 2014-2017

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