Pastel Life 01

Pastel Life 01

by Michael Ziobrowski & Randy Jim

Pastel Life 01 is collaborative Audio/Visual Offering from Michael Ziobrowski & Randy Jim that was released as a collage zine and an audio cassette in 2015. The 32-page collection of 27 original, hand-cut collage works were made by Ziobrowski utilizing a strictly aerosol-based, pastel colour palette, mixed with magazine clippings from 1940s-70s Life, Ebony and Playboy magazines.

Old articles and adverts are deconstructed, then re-transformed into modern works of minimalist art, touching on sexuality, fashion, music, technology, ice cream and abstraction. A companion piece, a 30-minute instrumental cassette of Electro/Vaporwave Beats by Randy Jim of Dragonsoundz sets the audio landscape for this book.

The book was featured in Kolaj #14.

We wrote:

One could call it a visual journal were it not for the fact that most of the collages are particularly strong in their own right…The balance and simplicity of the collages make the zine a joy from start to finish. We look forward to seeing the next volume.


Pastel Life 01
by Michael Ziobrowski and Randy Jim
8.25″x5.25″; 32 pages
saddle-stitched; printed on 100 lb. card stock
includes a 60 minute cassette, containing a 30 minute album (repeated on both sides) wrapped in a two colour, RISOgraph cover
Edition of 50
X Is the Weapon, Santa Ana, California, 2015

The limited edition book is sold out, but you can still purchase the audio cassette for $5 US (digital download) or $10 US (audio cassette) at the Pastel Life Bandcamp site HERE.

A non-editioned version of the book and a digital version are available at MagCloud: HERE.

Something in the Stars
by Michael Ziobrowski
aerosol, adhesive tape, 1960s Ebony clippings on 140lb. mixed media paper
Courtesy of the artist