Philatelic Atrocities

Philatelic Atrocities

by Niko Courtelis

A creative director at Plazm in Portland, Oregon, Niko Courtelis is a mail art enthusiast. He collects old typewriters, hosts a mail art group, and is deep inside the world of stamp collecting. (He was a former member of the Board of Governors of prestigious The Collectors Club in New York City.) So it is quite odd that in 2014, he would publish a booklet of collages made entirely with postage stamps. Philatelic Atrocities was published by Kat Ran Press as part of their “Essays in Philatelics” series.

We published a review of the book in Kolaj #18.

We wrote:

“An additional pleasure of Philatelic Atrocities comes from the fact these collages, which are often smaller than one inch square, are blown up, often covering the entire page of the 9″x6″ booklet. As a result, the viewer can experience with great intimacy the engraved texture and the antediluvian fonts of these tiny masterpieces.”

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Philatelic Atrocities
by Niko Courtelis
9”x5.875”; 16 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9794342-5-9
$12 US/$18 outside the US
Kat Ran Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2014

Purchase the book directly from Kat Ran Press: HERE.