Edited by Lula Valletta

“Unrest is the mark of existence.”

Arthur Schopenhauer

Prophit is an annual art publication, first published in 2016, that focuses on contemporary analog collage art from artists worldwide. As an art form, collage is a great way to express strong messages or emotions mostly because of what it does, that is, to rip and distort a certain image of reality. Every issue of Prophit is both a celebration and an homage.

The first issue of Prophit celebrated 100 years Dada. It was an homage to William Burroughs and featured 12 Berlin based artists. The second issue celebrated 40 years of punk. It was a homage to Groucho Marx and featured 30 international artists.

The third issue celebrates the eternal existence and is an homage to German philosopher Schopenhauer, in particular his essay On the Vanity of Existence.

Featuring the work of Jorge Chamorro (ES), Isabel Reitemeyer (DE), Adam Stoves (USA), Niels Kalk (NL), Lula Valletta (NL), Holger Becker (DE), Juan Fielitz (UY), Leonor Faber-Jonker (NL), Max-o-matic (ES), Miriam Temme (DE), Ben Stolk (NL), Tinca Veerman (NL), Bill Noir (FR), K Young (UK), Nicky Symptome (FR), Lydia Emojotzeties (DE), Jakob Möller (DE), Musta Fior (FR), D.M. Nagu (DE) and Pascal Verzijl (NL).

Text adapted from the author’s press materials

Edited by Lula Valletta
76 pages
ISSN: 2590-1079
Self-published; 2018

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