Punti di Vista e di Partenza

Punti di Vista e di Partenza

by Luc Fierens

In 2019, The Berardelli Foundation hosted a new exhibition featuring the works of Belgian artist Luc Fierens, who has been active in Mail-Art, Fluxus, and Visual Poetry since the early 1980s. The exhibition was curated by Margot Modonesi in close collaboration with the artist.

The book includes critical contributions from Lamberto Pignotti, Jan De Vree, François Liénardé, Duccio Dogheria, and Davide Galip. The artist retrospective and monograph delve into Fierens’ creative journey and his departure from the main Avant-gardes of the sixties and seventies, exploring how he fits in and how he detaches himself from them.

Fierens’ collage draws inspiration from advertising, whether from old newspapers from the sixties and seventies or from contemporary newspapers, which he modifies and radically changes their context of origin to convey a different or ironic message. His technical experimentation changes over time, delineating itself in its peculiar characters.

Collage by Luc Fierens. Courtesy of the artist.

The book explores the variety of practices in which Fierens has tried his hand in forty years of activity, proposing a path through the collagist’s different creative periods. The book showcases Fierens’ earlier works from the eighties and nineties, which were chaotic and inspired by surrealist and pop styles, and characterized by strong critical content. Currently, his collages are less chaotic, with a perfect mastery of the tear and with less excited tones, but still always committed at an ideological level.

Punti di Vista e di Partenza
Artwork by Luc Fierens, curated by Margot Modonesi, with texts by Lamberto Pignotti, Jan De Vree, François Liénard, Margot Modonesi, Duccio Dogheria, and Davide Galipò
Italian/English; 205 pages (125 color); 31 x 23 cm.
ISBN 978-8894347814
Berardelli Foundation, 2019

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