Strange Diary, or How to Make a Collage

Strange Diary, or How to Make a Collage

by Amy Tingle

Because Danielle Krysa wrote two inspiring books called Collage and Creative Block and I read them cover to cover and took them to heart. Because Katherine Ferrier posted on Instagram that she was joining The 100-Day Project and invited others to play along. Because Maya Rachel Stein wrote “how we are not alone” three years before she said she would marry me. Because I am a mother. Because I have things inside of me I don’t always know how to say. Because the world is a brilliant collage of sights and sounds and textures and colors and feelings, and the way we interpret it is our gift to ourselves first, and then our gift back to the world.

My paint-chip collages each evolved to become personal statements. I paired them with my own writing and stories, which became part of the art itself.

This work is a strange diary of sorts, an incubator for my thoughts and my exponentially increasing hope that I will be heard and that my voice will make a difference to someone who finds my art. My work is a form of therapy and self-investigation, a window into my ever-evolving identity. To me, the act of tearing apart images and reassembling them in a new and personal way echoes the way we are capable of taking risks and reassembling our lives at any given point, and listening to whatever it is inside of us that is longing for change and for deep internal and external acceptance.

Strange Diary, or How to Make a Collage
by Amy Tingle
softcover, 118 pages
$30 US
Amy Tingle, Nutley, New Jersey, 2016

The book is available for purchase from the artist’s website, HERE.

Dream or How to Soften Your Gaze
by Amy Tingle
paint chip, vintage paper, glue
Courtesy of the artist