Strange Glue (Traditional & Avant-garde Collage)

Strange Glue (Traditional and Avant-garde Collage)

by Todd Bartel

“Collage at 100” is a three-part, yearlong exhibition series that celebrates the centennial of the appearance of collage in painting. “Strange Glue (Traditional & Avant-garde Collage)”, the first show in the series, assembles the work of more than 100 contemporary artists as it traces the transition from traditional to avant-garde approaches to papier collé.

An exhibition related to this work, “Collage at 100: Strange Glue, Traditional & Avant-Garde Collage” was mounted at the Thompson Gallery at the Cambridge School of Weston, 7 September-20 November 2012. This was the first of three exhibitions, curated by Todd Bartel, related to “Collage at 100”. Read more HERE.

Strange Glue (Traditional and Avant-garde Collage)
by Todd Bartel
204 pages, $45 US
Thompson Gallery, Weston, Massachusetts
Available from Lulu: HERE.

Dangling Proposition
by Barbara F. Kendrick
collage and ink on paper