Tú que miras

Tú que miras

by ML Collage & Decollage

Tú que miras is the first catalog of ML Collage & Decollage, who comes from the world of the comic book and began his journey into the worlds of collage and painting in 2014.

Tú que miras by ML Collage & Decollage
(11″x7.5″; scraps of photocopied paper, newspaper, cardboard and on
corrugated cardboard; 2016. Courtesy of the artist

The artist is Manuel Luis Castro Magaz and the catalog contains almost one hundred collage and decollage works.

He says about his process:
I started experimenting with collage because I didn’t have a good base to draw from. Later, I decided to make some acrylic paintings and then expanded to include decollages and boxes, inspired by Joseph Cornell. My work is hand-made and features paint, scraps, photocopies and ranges in style from unstructured to structured.

With my work, I am fixing memories or establishing a socially conscious message that also allows me to explore introspection. To do this, I use the symbology of primary colours using my simple, personal style. My initial influences were comics and Pop Art, along with expressionism and some figurative work. I am also interested in posters and graphic design.

Tú que miras
by ML Collage & Decollage
softcover, 48 pages
illustrated, texts in Spanish and English
printed on Classic Demimatt paper, matte coated 170 gr. with a plastic cover of 300 gr.
Manuel Luís Castro Magaz, Isla Cristina, Spain, 2018

Purchase the book directly from the artist HERE.