Canadian Collage Collective

Happy by Rhonda Barrett
1″x1″; magazine, bread bag tag; 2020
Courtesy of the artist.

Canadian Collage Collective

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


Collage artist Rhonda Barrett started the collective in 2020 as an Instagram page in an effort to seek out and highlight collage artists living and working in Canada. Barrett is the director of the collective and has been a professional collage artist for 6 years. She has shown work throughout Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and British Columbia. She writes, “This is a rather new initiative with big plans. I would love to get in touch with collage artists from all across Canada to create a directory as the first step. Exhibitions, workshops, Zoom meetings, and discussions are next.”


The main objective currently is to compile a detailed and extensive list of artists working in collage throughout Canada. Canadian collage artists are asked to contact the collective through Instagram and using the hashtag #canadiancollagecollective.


Contact the collective through Instagram.


The group is new, and as such is in the process of developing a website to act as an online directory of Canadian collage artists and to highlight Canadian artists both nationally and internationally. Plans for online exhibitions and workshops are also underway.