I can’t believe I still have to protest for this shit by Angie Caro
11.69″x16.5″; collage on paper; 2020
Courtesy of the artist.


Barcelona, Spain


The two main founders of the group are Daniela Zuñiga and Xavier Boulogne. The group began when they started to meet up after work with friends to have collage-making sessions. After a while, the group started getting bigger and they decided to form the collective.


Coll² is a multicultural group that works on collage based on a monthly theme from a critical and social perspective. They hold various meetings with the intention of generating an instance of reflection, conversation, and creativity through subjectivity and social imagination.


The group is currently made up of 9 people from all walks of life including an environmental education specialist, a visual artist, a cultural mediator, an engineer, a journalist, a photographer, and a musician.

Fuerza rebelde, un grito contra el racismo by Isa Rubilar
17.7″x17.7″; mixed media; 2020
Courtesy of the artist.


The group holds a number of meetups and workshops throughout the year. You can follow them on social media or visit their website for more information on when these are happening and how to attend.

Artists who attend meetings might be invited by the collective to join or participate in their group exhibitions.

They also have global open calls for artists where they will feature the submissions on their social media pages.


Each member of the group is developing online workshops that will be open to anyone, including workshops geared toward children.

In the past, they’ve hosted gallery exhibitions for their group projects, jam sessions that blur the line between music and collage, as well as an Artist Residency program. The group recently completed a large exhibition with 40 artworks accompanied by workshops which took place in Barcelona.



Hands by Putri Ayusha
11.69″x8.25″; collage on paper; 2019
Courtesy of the artist.