Cut and Glue

Collage by Olga Kirsanova
digital collage; 2020.
Courtesy of the artist.

Cut and Glue

Moscow, Russia


In 2015, Olga Kirsanova decided to find like-minded people passionate about collage. Initially, it was planned to just gather in Moscow, glue collages over a cup of tea with bagels and, on the community website, collect a portfolio of collage artists from cities in Russia and the CIS countries. Over time, modest gatherings turned into large-scale collage events and projects with a large number of participants from all over the country, educational programs, publication of zines and even a festival of collage.


Their mission is to distribute a collage plague and collage art on the territory of the Russian Federation and beyond by increasing the skills of their collage artists and the value of collage in the eyes of the world of contemporary Russian art; developing individual cities’ collage clubs; and creating an all-Russian collage network.


The community currently has 42 official members. Among them are professional artists, designers, illustrators, as well as people who come from non-creative professions.

Collage by Uliana Karagod
paper collage, old magazines; 2018.
Courtesy of the artist.


Any collage artist, analog or digital, from Russia and the CIS countries can join the community. You can submit an application on the site along with your portfolio and membership is decided by their art council. If your request is rejected, you can submit a new application with new works after six months. In addition to official membership, they often help amateur collage artists grow until their portfolio is ready.

They publish portfolios and information about community members on their website. Community participation is free.

The group is interested in the cultivation and evolution of collage in Russia, so all their activities can be seen on their website and on social media.


The group held the first Russian collage festival, “Cut and Glue FEST,” in the summer of 2019. The festival, which lasted a month, included a large representative exhibition of modern Russian collage, as well as many multi-day courses, workshops, and lectures.

They publish zines and guides, host collaborative projects, and conduct multi-day intensive collage courses and one-day workshops in different cities.



Collage by Alexandra Prokopova
assemblage, cardboard, markers, different things; 2018
Courtesy of the artist.