FaiV Officina di Collage

Ladder by Valentina Cozzi
11.4″x8.4″; glossy magazine paper, intervention with white marker, on 300gr paper support; 2024. Courtesy of the artist.

FaiV Officina di Collage



FaiV Officina di Collage was founded by Vanna Barboni (Turin, Italy), Deborah Di Leo (Milan, Itlay), Valentina Cozzi (Treviso, Itlay), Alessandra Comaroli (Brescia, Italy), and Alessandra Faleggi (Piacenza, Italy) when their paths crossed during the selections for the volume COLLAGE ITALIA by Psicografici Editore, curated by editorial collagist Deborah di Leo, which brings contemporary Italian collage to the forefront for the first time by presenting the work of 50 artists.

Barboni writes, “Although social media is now a part of our lives, it is our common understanding that the real “network” is made up of real people, so we felt the need to meet and shake hands. Sitting in front of a coffee, we shared some thoughts and spontaneously came to the idea of joining our intention to create something that would unite our paths.”


FaiV Officina di Collage strongly believes in a universal coexistence based on sharing and inclusion. The group aims to propose content related to collage, share an open virtual space, and respect the principles of civil coexistence. They also plan on hosting workshops on collage to be able to meet physically and share their experiences.

Entropy by Deborah di Leo
8.2″x5.7″; paper, threads, puzzles, leaves. Courtesy of the artist.


The collective is committed to spreading the art of collage through Instagram. Artists can send their works and the group will share them through posts and stories.


In March 2024, the collective launched its first international Open Call “DREAMING ARCHITECTURES: ancient architecture in modern collage.” In celebration of World Collage Day on 11 May 2024, an exhibition of the works collected by the call will take place in a historical museum of Turin. The exhibition will last for three weeks. Together with the physical exhibition of the works received, the workshop “Architectural Landscape with Collage Media” will take place in the magnificently decorated rooms made available by the structure.



Lost in thought by Vanna Barboni
16.5″x11.7″; paper cuts from 1930 and 1960 books and magazines on Canson cardboard. Courtesy of the artist.