Sociedad Argentina de Collage

Escalera al cielo by Jimena Castiñeyras
2020. Courtesy of the artist.

Sociedad Argentina de Collage



Sociedad Argentina de Collage was born out of the need for a collective that represents local collage artists. Founded in 2019 by Urko, Poli Perez, Sergio Artaola, and Shavi Alli. What sets them apart from other groups is their federal mission. It is not a person-centered page. The intention is to empower local artists by allowing embassies to be created spontaneously with the autonomy to carry out activities according to their possibilities and context.


The group seeks to create a network of Argentinian collagists held together by the same initiatives: Spreading their work, creating ties between artists and collectives, and positioning the technique of collage in the artistic world so they can grow together as a community.


They currently have more than 70 active members and have already exceeded 300 members across all of the embassies. The members’ profiles and backgrounds are varied, including graphic designers, artists, teachers, and musicians, just to mention a few, all of whom express themselves through collage.

Diálogo de maeriales by Wally Griffiths
2020. Courtesy of the artist.


To join the society, you can email them or message them on Instagram. After contact, they do a short interview to get to know you more in depth.

If you are Argentine or you live in Argentina they can connect you with the local embassies that they have in different parts of the country.

If you don’t live in Argentina you can still contact them about organizing exchange activities with artists from other countries.


While in isolation for the pandemic the group is doing digital promotion, sharing works almost every day, doing interviews between artists from different embassies, and live collage challenges that invite the community to participate every week.

On March 8th, for International Women’s Day, a group of members composed of women collagists made a large mural where the community was invited to participate and make a collaborative collage, in which more than 50 people participated.

They also make workshops and open classes to the community of Universidad de Buenos Aires.



Los nadies by Paulina Alonso
Courtesy of the artist.