Februllage 2022


Februllage 2022

1-28 February 2022

Februllage is a collaboration between Edinburgh Collage Collective and the Scandinavian Collage Museum. This is an initiative which invites collage artists to make a “collage a day” throughout the month of February using the Februllage Official Word Prompt Calendar for 2022.

Februllage is designed to be inclusive, and the organizers encourage artists from all levels to join them for a month of collage making fun. Participating artists are asked to set their own goals, whether they choose to make a collage a day or twice a week. Artists are invited to use #februllage or #februllage2022 so the works can be showcased with daily uploads.

Please visit @februllage for further updates and to ask questions.

(Text adapted from @februllage‘s announcement. Please contact them with questions.)