Collage Party in Burlington, Vermont

Friday, March 2, 2012, 5-8PM

This month, to celebrate the art of collage, the Jackie Mangione Studio will host a free collage party for March’s First Friday Art Walk.

Come up to the studio and make a collage with magazines, recycled product packaging and more! Also on view, and for sale, is a special selection of New York City Pop Artist Michael Albert’s cereal collage posters.

The Pre-Issue of Kolaj Magazine will be on hand at the event.

Collage Artists, Mediaspheres, & Scopo-maniacs

by Meaghan Thurston

Collage artists are “scopo-maniacs” – they’re always scoping out the field for new images to snatch…A collage is a laboratory where images and texts from different localities and eras come together to speak a dialect all their own.