Elizabeth Hazard

Elizabeth Hazard is a photography director, producer and writer in New York City. She works with editors and photographers to produce stories for magazines and online. Her work has appeared in numerous publications. When not producing photography shoots, she enjoys…

Claudia Eve Beauchesne

Claudia Eve Beauchesne was born in 1983 in Montreal. She studied creative writing and cinema at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, and received a master’s degree in the history of art and design from Pratt Institute in New York City. She has curated exhibitions of contemporary art, design and architecture in Montreal, New York and Miami. She is currently writing a book on the history of New York’s East Village art scene of the 1980s.

Veeranganakumari Solanki

Veeranganakumari Solanki (b. 1985) is an independent curator and art-writer, based in Mumbai, India. She studied English Literature and holds post-graduate diplomas in Indian Aesthetics, Art Criticism and Theory, as well as holding a Masters in History. Her curatorial experience has involved research, curating and writing for several art publications and journals on emerging Indian, Asian and international artists and art practices in India as well as internationally. She is the recipient of the first illySustainArt Curator’s prize (2011) and the 1st Annual ALICE (Artistic Landmark in Contemporary Experience) Public’s Voice Award 2012 for best Emerging Curator.

Nancy Flagg

Nancy Flagg is based in Sacramento, California. She is a former university administrator, turned freelance writer and has written extensively for newspapers, magazines and trade journals. Her work includes writing profiles of artists from a variety of artistic fields and reviewing art events and exhibitions. More information about Nancy can be found at her website: www.NancyFlagg.com

Lisa Kehler

Lisa Kehler is an emerging curator with an interest in artistic practices that lie outside of the academic tradition. She has worked in galleries and with arts organizations across Canada, including Atelier Gallery, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, and is currently the Special Projects Director at Border Crossings in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She holds a BA Honours in Art History and is currently pursuing her Masters in Cultural Studies: Curatorial Practices at the University of Winnipeg. In June 2013, Kehler was published in The Plug In ICA’s book, Art Tomorrow: 40 years of the Future Now.

Edvard Derkert

Edvard Derkert was born 1954 in Stockholm. He has no formal education as an artist, but has been making collages and art since he was 12. Derkert has also been active as a musician, playing free-form jazz on saxophone and guitar. Apart from making art, he works as an illustrator and graphic designer. Derkert has published books, including Cut & Paste: Collage in Theory and Practice. Derkert is active in the Nationalgalleriet, Sweden’s oldest existing artist-driven gallery. Works by the artist can be found on his website: www.edvardderkert.se