Hedy Lamarr
20 cm x 20 cm; Canvas, graph paper, acrylic, markers, watercolour; 2012

Madrid, Spain


Aleka finds inspiration in old classic movies, portraits, vintage catalogues and magazines and old bolero lyrics.

She understands collage as the intention to find sense in an infinite array of aesthetic possibilities, since the materials and the ways we can handle them are endless. She enjoys ripping, scratching and cutting up paper, right before she saws, burns or sticks it back onto another medium. We are all paperlike: sometimes we crumple, others we break or we may just get worn and dirty.

She always sets out not knowing where the creative process might take her, trying hard not to decide what to do before hand. A plain photo might serve as the starting point, or maybe an ink blur, the way its shape tries to push out; listening in to what it might have to tell us.

Soon, order becomes evident, choices and directions. Parts that seemed incompatible before, have now become inseparable, and their marriage stands for their meaning. It’s a whim of fate that can lead us to awe, but that will always, hopefully, drop us somewhere between candor and truth.


Aleka lives and works in Madrid. She graduated in Fine Arts in Spain, but studied both in England and Austria, where she started her work as graphic designer. She has lived in more than 17 different places, which makes her very conscious of reality as a huge collage of scenaries, people and backgrounds.

Back in Madrid, she’s worked in every field in media arts communications: web designer, planner, social media manager, advertising account manager and even became Dircom of a big company. During these hardworking years, her challenge has always been to make it as a freelance illustrator, a goal that she’s currently focused on. Her work has been published in several magazines and publications (Juxtapoz, La Mono, Not Paper, among others) and is the owner of the textile brand K, selling her designs worldwide.


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18 cm x 26.5 cm; Cardboard, paper, markers, ink; 2008

46 cm x 32.5 cm; Paper, graph paper, tape, acrylic, markers; 2012