Alexandra N Sherman

The Mysteries, “Go Towards the Light”
15.75″x14.5″x1″; vintage & decorative paper collage, metal leaf, and watercolor on 1915 invoice, Aesthetic movement frame c.1870; 2021.

Alexandra N Sherman
Round Hill, Virginia, USA


My collage tableaus explore the mysteries inherent in life through ambiguous narratives. It is my hope that the viewer will experience a sense of mystery, a simultaneous connection to the past and the present, and perhaps even a hint of magic or whimsy. My visual language juxtaposes elements of the natural world and humanity in order to explore relationships with ourselves, others, and the environment.

The images I employ come from various sources, ranging from vintage prayer cards to scientific illustrations. On the backdrop of antique documents, signatures become expressive marks rather than letters, stamps act as horizon lines, and printed designs become a stage for action. Positive and negative space, as well as resting places for the eye, are all carefully considered and emphasized in these compositions. I contemplate each mark, crease, bruise, indentation, and meticulously choose additions to create my compositions. I am interested in seeing how far the paper can be pushed in terms of its materiality using exact and minute cuts on a small scale.


Alexandra N Sherman’s art explores the landscape of the mind through watercolors painted from her subconscious, installations with found or created objects, and collage using vintage and antique ephemera. She seeks to give the viewer an intimate experience through works that explore the uncertainty and mystery inherent in life, ourselves, the environment and the need for conservation. Her work depicts the spaces in-between, the seen and unseen through ambiguous narrative that invites the viewer to complete the story.

Alexandra grew up and worked in the antiques business which inspired her love of art and the decorative arts. She has an MFA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in painting and trained in ateliers L’Eclat De Verre and Gold Leaf Studios where she studied framing, and the art of cartonnage. Her curatorial experience includes assistant curator for Mobil Corps’ modern art collection, and the curator of The Dadian Gallery.


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In Search of Commonalities, “Checks & Balances”
4″x7.5″; vintage paper collage on 1930’s English bank check; 2018
Cosmic Shruggie, “Checks & Balances”
4″x7.5″; vintage paper collage on 1930’s English bank check; 2018
Friendship, “The Mysteries”
9.6″x7″; vintage and decorative paper collage, vintage frame; 2020
Total Eclipse
12.75″x10.75″; vintage and decorative paper collage on two 1925 documents, colored pencil, metal leaf, Art Deco frame c.1940; 2020