Alicia Saadi

16″x16″; collage print; 2020

Alicia Saadi
New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA


My primary objectives as an artist are to address social injustice and to insert African American narratives where they have been omitted. I frequently find such spaces within the archaic realm of the idealized housewife and my work often incorporates vintage recipe cards, cookbooks and home decor manuals.

While I covet domestic ephemera, I consider myself “undomesticated” and often depict my subjects breaking decorum in surreal settings, both inside and outside of the home. The untamed figures in my collages are primarily culled from an expansive collection of midcentury African-American publications, which I curated to serve as the foundation of my work.

By layering time worn images, I scrutinize the limiting constructs of race and gender, bringing misrepresented and underrepresented people of color to the forefront. The resulting work is both socio-political and deeply personal. Through this visual discourse, I encourage viewers recognize and take action against oppression. However, because the call to action is often hidden behind smiles, only those who listen carefully for the message will hear it.


Alicia Saadi is a multi-disciplinary artist whose current focus is collage. Born at the end of a turbulent era, her work often references the civil unrest whose aftermath colored her childhood, as well as the stereotypical images of womanhood that prevailed then.

Alicia holds a degree in art history which informs her content, while her studio practice is largely self-taught. She resides on the east coast of the U.S. and has exhibited her work regionally.


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The Real Thing
12″x9″; analog collage; 2021
SpiteHouse/Dining Room
13.5″x10.25″; analog collage; 2020
13.75″x10.25″; analog collage; 2021
12″x9″; analog collage; 2021