Annelise Hewitt

Water Fall 2
24″x15″; paper, acrylic medium; 2020

Annelise Hewitt
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Annelise Hewitt creates all of her art by hand with discarded materials. Sustainability is a key concern, and is reflected through the use of discarded or unwanted books and magazines and other recycled materials. Through her dedication to abstraction, she is inspired by questions of racial identity and challenges involuntary neurological processes of identification and categorization while transforming familiar images into surreal visual experiences.


Annelise Hewitt is an African-American visual artist professionally active since 2018 in the United States and The Netherlands, with a bachelor’s degree from Williams College in Massachusetts and a master’s degree from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. She has had three solo exhibitions, one permanent installation and several group exhibitions in The United States and The Netherlands since her debut in 2018.


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Water Mechanic 6
14″x10″; paper, acrylic medium; 2019
Nachtw 2
12″x12″; paper, acrylic medium; 2020
Water Mechanic
14″x7″; paper, acrylic medium; 2019
Uh, landscape
11″x8.5″; paper, acrylic medium; 2019