Always Be Yourself
13″x17″; collage and acrylic on paper

Knokke, Belgium


I am an autodidact. Collage has always inspired me. I find the material I use in magazines, on the internet and all other kinds of publications. Each collage consists of dozens of elements from different sources. Then they are painted in acrylic.

My inspiration is found in today’s world, led by dictators, politics and money. But always with a hint of humor! On collages you will not find any title, it is up to the viewer to find his own inspiration.


The artist Corinne de Keijzer, who works under the pseudonym ARTNOSE, is self-taught, talented, ingenious and driven by the need for perfection. She has developed her own style for the application of
the collage technique. A collage is an artwork made of snippets of paper, fabric or other materials that are attached to a carrier or somehow processed into a painting. In her collages, the artist Artnose utilises numerous elements which she has culled from various magazines, the internet and other publications.

She applies these to a carrier and accentuates the work with acrylic paint. In this technique and in spirit, she is a descendant of DADA and challenges the complacent dishonesty of artistic and political conventions with bravado, irony and humour. The bizarre, the freakish, and the randomly absurd becomes the guiding principle for artistic creation.

Artnose also satirizes dictators, presidents, government leaders, politicians, kings and queens, princes and princesses, the Pope and corporate bosses. Her collages are brimming with irony. Artnose’s tone, which can be comical, ironic and even cynical, makes the dark social-political reality that they portray palatable. This is an oeuvre where aesthetics and social responsibility meet and irony and vulnerability come together.


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13″x11.4″; collage and acrylic on paper
The Butler
10″x7.3″; collage and acrylic on paper
9″x11.4″; collage and acrylic on paper
14.4″x10.8″; collage and acrylic on paper