Brett Mullinix

The Treasure
16″x12″; collage (various paper), paint, graphite; 2014

Brett Mullinix
Ball Ground, Georgia, USA


I have been making visual art as long as I can remember. I became interested in collage as an art form while I was in graduate school getting a degree in sculpture. I found that collage, like sculpture, was a process of connecting dissimilar materials into cohesive statements. The challenge of manipulating preexisting imagery into new visual realities is at the crux of my fascination with collage. I enjoy distorting spatial expectations and using text in a way that not only challenges the viewers perception of space but also, I hope, creates new conceptual connections and relationships. Frequently, I will draw or paint in concert with the collage if I think the process enhances the overall impact of the imagery. Finally, as has always been the case with my object-making, I thoroughly enjoy the act of making, of cutting, of solving composition problems, of getting to the point where I can say to myself, “OK, this conversation is complete. Let’s move on to the next one.”


I was born and grew up in North Carolina. After completing an MFA in Sculpture at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, I worked as a visual artist and adjunct professor of fine art and art history for five years in various colleges and universities in the area before landing a full-time teaching position in Georgia. The position has allowed me to continue making art and teaching art. I have had the profound opportunity to travel abroad many times and I think it has allowed me to expand not only my visual art but my personal concepts and perceptions. In addition to collage as a medium, I also continue to draw and work with three dimensional forms, primarily ceramic in nature.


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This is Stereo
6″x4″; collage (various paper); 2014

The Equation
4″x6″; collage (various paper); 2014