Carl Heyward

A Two Enso Evening by Carl Heyward
A Two Enso Evening (black)
24″x18″; product packages, acrylics, oil stick, found objects, Chinese American Grammar text; 2013

Carl Heyward
San Francisco, California


Paying attention need not be a stress but a meditative process; an observation of the elements of existence viewed openly and with equanimity neither exalting or diminishing the value of things as they are or present themselves; the value of the story intrinsic to their combinations and juxtapositions resonate in ways, hopefully poignant and new.


artist/writer in San Francisco; exhibited mixed-media paintings and artists’ books internationally; collected by institutions and individuals: The Sackner Archive, Califia Books, The New Museum of Art (New York), San Francisco Museum Modern Art Library, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco Academy of Art University, Yale University Art Library, The National Gallery of Australia, and Sonoma County Museum of Modern Art; taught History of Art Criticism, Film/Video Production; Thesis Writing & Presentation at San Francisco Academy of Art University MFA Program; Artspeak ABC TV and Viacom San Francisco, interviews and conversation with performance demonstrations. Artspeak distributed by MWF Video NY at Video Data Bank, Rochester School of Art.

His work in performance includes collaborative grants New Performance, National Endowment for the Arts; Rene Yanez /Fusion Visual Theater.

Arts interviews include Diamonda Galas, Frank Zappa, Carolee Schneemann (Interventions and Imaging Her Erotics/Art Papers interviews), The Dark Bob, Philip Glass, Robert Wilson, Karen Finley, John Sex, Luis Valdez (High Performance interview/The Citizen Artist) and John Giorno.

Work in print & electronic journalism: appearances in Rolling Stone, Artweek, Artscribe International, San Francisco Bayview newspaper, Art Com, Metier. Served on Advisory Board Artists’ Television Access, San Francisco Art Institute’s Artists’ Committee; alternate for the California Arts Commission and received an NEA Arts Administration Fellowship; exhibited at Bonnafont Gallery, San Francisco (new mixed-media works) July 2011 and “Shattered” exhibition at Marin MOCA, curated by arts critic Kenneth Baker; exhibited in Italy: “Bus Portraits”, April 2013, Garage 21 Ceglie Mesapica; Double Solo Exhibitions: Mixed-Media Works at Scaramuzza Contemporary Arts in Lecce (Italy) curated by Monica Lisi; Two-person exhibition with Lorna Crane at Pambula, New South Wales, Australia in 2015; “Zimbabwe” (two-step); “The Drawing Box” exhibitions in Mumbai, Ireland, and other international sites; travels “KNEE(jerk) Fragmentation Project” in 2015.


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Prior Damage/Crown by Carl Heyward
Prior Damage/Crown
24″x18″; mixed media, canvas fragments, parking lot stubs, oil stick, pencil; 2013

Zimbabwe (two-step) series by Carl Heyward
Zimbabwe (two-step) 44″x36″; mixed media, acrylic paint, canvas, cardboard, joss papers, yearbook page, etc.; 2014