Casey Babb

1 Hundo Percent Buttafuoco Tank
13.75″x11″; paper, ink, toner, digital; 2021

Casey Babb
Warrensburg, Missouri, USA


Collage is the most natural medium for me to work in. It inherently facilitates a dreamlike quality, and allows for a fair amount of free association.

Although I studied illustration, printmaking, photography, and animation, I found that when faced with the tyranny of a blank canvas, it is a much more intuitive process for me to “macgyver” images together than to create something from absolutely nothing.

Dreams have always been central to who I am–I want to dissolve the barriers between psychic and physical worlds, between dreaming and waking realities, and I feel that collage is the best method for that. The process is a puzzle, a mystery…it is something we enter a dialog with, and as we do The Work, the collage taps into our unconscious minds, co-creating itself.

This concept is filtered through my affinity for the schlocky ‘80s and ‘90s movies that saturated my childhood. Low-budget aesthetics are the foundation of my artistic process.


Casey Babb is a mixed media and collage artist living outside of the Kansas City area. Before obtaining a BFA in illustration from the University of Central Missouri, he studied photography and animation. Currently, he works as a freelance illustrator, focusing on book and album covers, as well as editorial illustration.


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Do the Work
13.75″x11″; ink, digital; 2019
20th Century Ghost Geometry
14″x11″; paper, ink, toner, digital; 2021
Half Alive Man
8.25″x6.5″; paper, ink, toner; 2020
Handsome Boy
13.75″x11″; paper, ink, digital; 2018