Cathy Horner

My Parasol Ya’ll
9″x12″; actual vintage images, hand made papers; 2019

Cathy Horner
Johnson City, Tennessee, USA


Making art brings me great joy, and I believe each canvas is like a brief moment in an untold story.

My collage art is inspired by vintage images found in old magazines, catalogues and books. I am fascinated by these forgotten treasures and the people who left them on shelves and in boxes in basements and attics for me to rediscover. By the time I find them, the paper is yellowed and faded, mice have chewed the corners and insects and moths have made their holes. But these images are precious to me. I imagine the time when they were brand new and the dreams they inspired–of beautiful fashions or travelling to far away places. They are as fresh and brimming with innovation to my eyes as they were to the eyes that saw them the first time around.

When I choose the images for a collage, I am conscious that the final result will be whimsical, often surreal, while remaining visually rooted in times past. And it is my intention not only to stir imaginations, but also to encourage a sort of sentimental nostalgia.

I use a combination of media in my work, including paint, found objects, vintage papers and handmade papers from around the world. The irregular textures and beautiful colours of the papers make them unique and a pleasure to work with, as well as being particularly pleasing to the eye.

It is my sincere hope that these works invigorate imaginations, inspire beauty and bring you as much pleasure in viewing them as they brought me in making them.


Cathy Horner’s collage art is inspired by her 100-year-old farm house in Johnson City, Tennessee. Cathy was born and raised in Maryland with her seven brothers and sisters. At an early age, she discovered that she loved to create. Whether from playing the old piano in the basement, or making doll clothes from scraps, this young girl’s passion for art led to decades of exploring her talents.

Over the years, she received international recognition of her original solo guitar arrangements. By age forty-eight, she found her muse in collage art that quickly found its way into art galleries and collectors’ homes. Coupled with her appreciation for antiques and vintage things, her art is carefully crafted from her collection of images from old magazines, newspapers and catalogs.

Seeing Horner’s art is a true reflection of her personality, full of whimsy, humour and her love of nature combined with her dedication to detail and creating fine art.


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He Would Win Her Hearts
9″x12″; actual vintage images, hand made papers; 2019
Birds of Prey
8″x10″; actual vintage images, hand made papers; 2019
Bad Dolly
8″x10″; actual vintage images, hand made papers; 2019
Ponderous Visitant
9″x12″; actual vintage images, handmade papers; 2018