Elysé Jokinen

Days Like These
7″x5″; analog collage; 2023

Elysé Jokinen
Kailua, Hawaii, USA


Over the past decade, my life and travels have led me to several places around the world. New locations, people, and moments. In many ways, creating collage brings me the much-needed feeling of home.

I begin each piece with a bit of spontaneity, just like my early journey. Then, I deconstruct the found material to depict the twists, turns, ups, and downs. Like wandering, some pieces are precisely chosen
while others end up in my hand by total happenstance.

Finally, I begin to combine the fragments into memories, stories, and desires. The paste holds these down in a way that I’m unable to and makes each collage feel whole.


Elysé Jokinen is a visual artist creating analog collage art. Her work has been collected in more than four countries and has been featured with Collé, PxP Contemporary, Contemporary Collage Magazine and more.

She is the founder and passionate facilitator of the online platform Wilder Collage. Elysé lives on the island of O’ahu with her family.


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Catching My Breath
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13″x11″; analog collage on recycled mat; 2023