Eunice Draw

Oh, New Paltz
11″x8.5″; magazine cut outs; 2019

Eunice Draw
Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Multi-faceted Witch Bitch captivating the kaleidoscopic perspective of collage to reflect a multi-dimensional perception of reality.


Eunice Draw’s work invites contemplation of the institutions which it is created under, challenging socio-economic norms and utilizing elements accessible to anyone. Draw is proud to have sold her art, donating the funds to a friend escaping abduction by ICE, and to have displayed at many local Feminist community events as well as at the 2018 International Association for Feminist Economic conference. Draw’s collages consist mostly of cut up magazines, utilizing other artists’ work and juxtaposing complementary patterns.


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8.5″x11″; magazine cut outs/pen/stamps/digital
11″x8.5″; magazine cut outs, handmade paper
Sand Dune
11″x8.5″; magazine cut outs; 2019
Meal Mandala
11″x8.5″; magazine cut outs; 2019