Félix Rodríguez

Evil Empire
12″x12″; paper and ink on wood; 2012

Félix Rodríguez
Valladolid, Spain


My artworks have a vintage style, and maybe that’s because I use original papers and magazines from the beginning of the 20th Century. As a calligrapher, I love to write my thoughts or just songs lyrics on some artworks. I love type, it’s part of my job. A simple piece of paper is for me a treasure. Old books, magazines, pictures, letters, post cards… all are treasures for my collages.


Born in Valladolid, Spain. 5/5/1978

Creative Director, graphic designer, calligrapher, artist.

2002 – 2012: Co-Director / Creative Director at PobrelaVaca Creative Work (www.pobrelavaca.com).
2010 – 2012: member of the Board of Director at ForoIngenio, The Association of Design and Comm Agencies of Castilla y León, Spain.
2007-2012: 7 design awards (5 golden, 2 silver)
2011 – Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art “Patio Herreriano”
2010 – Selected Artist for the official opening of the Banksy Film Exit Through the Gift Shop in Madrid
Selected Artist for the cover of Blanket Magazine.
Selected Artist for the initiative “We Love Cinema”.
Selected Artist for the International Exhibition “Clone Graphix International” Artworks published at: Blanket Magazine, Moloko+(Russia), Crann (Argentina), INK (international at Bilbao), Experimenta (Spain), Select C and Select G (best design and art works of Spain).


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Love and Madness
12″x12″; paper, ink, wood letters and paint on wood; 2012

Death and Gone
12″x12″; paper and ink on wood; 2012