François-Xavier Delmeire

Garden Party for Alice
5.5″x9″; cut-and-paste collage; 2015

François-Xavier Delmeire
Mouscron, Belgium


Is a collage a second chance for an image? Or perhaps a new reality emerges, which is also an open door.

Each of my collages tells a story, a saga, a moment in life. Also, depending on the moments of a life (which is not to say “Once upon a time”), a story that’s sometimes sad or melancholy, sometimes happy. My collage technique is simple: cut the paper and paste.


François-Xavier Delmeire (born 1971 in Moustron, Belgium) is a lover of images. For over 20 years, he’s owned a bookstore specializing in graphic novels. During that other life, he also became an artist and a devoted creator of collages and assemblages.

Raised to the level of Fine Art by the avant-garde of the 20th century, collage is inseparable from the Surrealist movement. This practice of irreverence par excellence cultivates discrepancies and diversions. The collagist isn’t content to merely displace reality, he engenders an unprecedented aesthetic and intellectual experience.

Facing the rush of contemporary images, Delmeire’s collages are a gourmet experiment. His works are conducive to humour and subtle reflection. His “mosaics” play with images and words to create a new sensitive and poetic language.

He has exhibited in Belgium and France, including at Swimming Pool in Mouscron (2014); in “object Obliges” at the Verbeke Foundation in Stekene, Belgium (2015-2016); in “Ixelles Bruxelles” at Galerie Gaetane Duez in Brussels (2016); and in “L’acte de présence” (solo show) at Laurence Esnol Gallery, Paris (3 February-10 March 2017).


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There Is Here and Your Memory
8″x8″; cut-and-paste collage; 2017

The Soul Wanders
8″x8″; cut-and-paste collage; 2016

Flight Point
8.3″x8″; cut-and-paste collage; 2016

15″x13.4″; cut-and-paste collage; 11 June 2017