Hazel Pitt

14.17″x11.8″; paper collage; 2020

Hazel Pitt
Lichfield, Staffordshire, United Kingdom


My collages are created using second hand, image rich books. The overriding theme of my collages often finds its focus on the mystical, which I believe underlies the everyday experience. Composition relies upon my emotional connection to the images chosen, along with color which plays a key role in decision making. Any type included is taken from the books where the images were found.


Hazel Pitt is a collage artist based in Staffordshire, England. Her artworks often focus on spiritual and psychological themes, with strong emotional points of tension.

Previously a teacher of graphic design in further and higher education, she attained a Masters Degree in the area of Art and Psychology in 2014. The study of which combined her passion for collage with her fascination with the mind. This has led to her utilizing the therapeutic aspects of the collaging process in the delivery of Collage Workshops for Wellbeing within the community.

Hazel’s industrial experience includes working in a freelance capacity as a graphic designer in the music industry. Her main commissions during the 1980s and 90s being for Polydor Records and Universal Studios. This work involved more than 20 record sleeve designs and a wide range of promotional material for the major music press, along with stage set design and fan club merchandise for an international alternative rock band. The medium used in the creation of all designs was hand generated collage.

Hazel’s work has been shown at “Clips” The Framers, The Custard Factory, Birmingham, May 2019 in association with Birmingham Collage Collective. The Artist Tutors Exhibition, Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham, May 2019. The Artists Micro Residency and Pop-up Exhibition at Edinburgh University, May 2014. Summerhall, Edinburgh Science Festival, in association with the Art and Science Collaboration, ASCUS, April-May 2014. City Arts Centre, Edinburgh, International Science Exhibition, in association with the Art and Science Collaboration, ASCUS, April 2014. “Uncertain States”, The Bank, London, November 2013. “Uncertain States”, Espacio Gallery, London, October 2012.


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11.41″x7.28″; paper collage; 2020
13.77″x7.87″; paper collage; 2020
12.99″x7.87″; paper collage; 2020
11.41″x8.46″; paper collage; 2020