Ian Paratore

Buy the World
57.5″x39.4″; paper on canvas; 2020

Ian Paratore
San Francisco, California, USA


My focus is to provoke thought using only recycled materials; there is enough stuff in the world already, I do not need new materials to make art. I love the idea of using things that were meant for something else and making them my own. It allows me a certain level of control while also making a statement about what we define as the end of an object’s life. My work is about sustainability and critical thought. I like to layer my work so that the viewers get different information from a distance compared to up close. I hope it takes a bit of investigation to fully understand what is going on in my work.


I made it back to my creativity after my last college baseball season as an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley. Some years went by of being unknowingly frustrated that I did not have a creative outlet. Later, I made a few collages as decoration for the Green Tortoise Hostel in San Francisco, then started stocking up on materials when I moved to Portland. My practice got more of my time while I taught English in Madrid, Spain in 2019, and now I am full-time back in my hometown by the bay. In 2020, a piece of mine was recognized by the Visual Arts International Contest, and now I am showing in a couple retail locations in San Francisco.


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14.2″x10.2″; paper on a book cover; 2020
23″x20.7″; paper on a wooden cupboard door; 2019
Sun Shower
7.9″x5.5″; paper on a book cover; 2019
Look Up
32.2″x22″; paper on cardboard; 2018