Jake Lee

Cloud City
8″x6″; 2017

Jake Lee
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


South Korean artist Jake Lee has stepped into creating his own dreamy dimensions of surrealism through collages. By carefully dissecting magazine images and illustrations, reminiscent of the 1950s, Lee has altered his perception of reality by escaping the rigid formality of our existence.

A manifestation of his own dreams and thoughts, Lee questions the theoretical constructs of life’s philosophy by correlating each artwork from his social, political, and environmental experiences.

Appearing to work with opposites (warm and cool, calm and chaos), Lee interrogates the boundary between disarray and harmony, accompanied by vivid forms assisting in the making of dreamlike world, incomprehensible to be seen in reality yet redolent of our own environment.


Born in 1993 in Seoul, South Korea, Lee spent most of his time reading and flipping through National Geographics fixated on their award-winning images. Moving quite often within Korea and overseas to Vancouver, Lee had experienced the various landscapes and instantly fell in love with the mountain ranges surrounding the city.

Graduating from high school, Lee didn’t pursue a degree, but started working in the photography industry, where he had the privilege to travel and explore the depths of the world. With fascination for what’s beyond our world physically and mentally, he started to explore the realms of parallel universes, surrealism, and space. In his early 20s, Lee found himself owning cases of magazines and fell into the world of collage. With no proper education or training, Lee has found his own interpretation of his visions of the past, present, and future.


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Paradise City
8″x6″; 2017

Swimming with Tulips
6″x4″; 2017

On Mars
8″x6″; 2017

Colourful Space
8″x6″; 2017