James Kaufmann

appox. 8″x10.5″

James Kaufmann
Iowa City, Iowa, USA


I have no agenda other than to try to follow my instincts when I work. This is especially true with drawing but less so with collage, which demands a more considered approach given the very personal and constructed nature of the images. I have no idea what my work is “saying” or even what I am trying to say. I just try to keep moving forward and make collages that feel right to me. I wish I had a Major Statement of some kind to put forward. Maybe someday ……


I came back to art in my 50s after working for thirty years as a writer. I am serious about mail art, which I produce on vintage book covers and send all over the world, and about collage. My work has been shown at Jack Fischer Gallery in San Francisco, Cranky Yellow in St. Louis, Youngblood in Atlanta, and a variety of other places. Lately I enjoy cut paper collage and the making of monochromatic “landscapes” of sorts which I then populate with various objects or figures or colors or whatever is at hand and looks right. I feel like I am only just beginning to understand collage but hope to keep at it and get to know it better in the coming years.


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appox. 11″x8.5″; old paper from a variety of books and book jackets
Image is cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin


Blue Sky #2
appox. 7″x9.25″

Mothership Sighting