Julia Payne

Jo Kull’s Buttons
wallpaper, matte board, 100 year old buttons and pin with ribbon, bar coaster; 2018

Julia Payne
Wheeling, West Virginia, USA


I do not start with a plan. For me, the pleasure in creating a collage is the play of color, shape and design; and how a theme emerges, usually an unconscious message, that has evolved by the time the piece is complete. I use pieces of old art that i no longer relate to, altered magazine pages, old books, and vintage photos. Also small additions of buttons and screws, rusty bits and pieces of fabric. Something from nothing. It seems especially pleasing when even the smallest scrap of color finds a perfect new home in a collage.


Julia Payne is a long-time Yoga practitioner and meditator. She has been making art for 7 years, the last 3 years focused on collage. Her central question in her art, as well as in life is: “What is enough?” Payne asks “How can I create something meaningful and pleasing with the least possible elements?” It gives her great satisfaction to use up old materials, especially old work that she no longer relates to. Her work is in several permanent and private collections. She has been accepted in numerous exhibitions in the USA and overseas.


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Young Howard
vintage photo, vintage papers, altered paper and acrylic paint; 2019
You can still go fishing
vintage book page, encaustic wax on Japanese rice paper fragment, old envelope, old post card, magazine page; 2020
In Lockdown
vintage book page, vintage paper, vintage ribbons, old grommet, piece of electronics, and old art; 2020
I’m worried about my pets
old magazine pages, stock card, old painted paper, Japanese Washi paper with carbon scribbles and ink; 2020