Karen Argus

The Cloud
98.4″x86.6″; gabian basket, recycled plastic bags, rope, discarded children’s paintings, newspaper and women’s magazines; 2017

Karen Argus
Winton, Queensland, Australia


As an artist, I use any materials to present my ideas. I have a specific love for students’ discarded artworks and create paper banks of these, by colour, at the end of each school term. I like what discarded ideas say as a medium and often use these in my works to make another statement about things which have been discarded. In my work on toads, I question our values on humanity and compassion and use discarded papers to question whether we as humans have discarded our values.


I’m a higher degree research student working on my Masters, focusing on community collaborations, art education and arts practice. I’m a curator, teacher and artist. In 2017, I held two exhibitions, one which I curated involving six other artists on the theme of botanicals/environment “Natural Introspectives” and, the second, a solo exhibition on the impact of toads in Australia.


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The Rite of an Introduced Species
86.6″x98.4″; box collage, wood blocks, cardboard, newspaper, discarded children’s paintings, steel poles, steel mesh; 2017

Mother, Father, Sister, Brother
35.4″x35.4″ (each); collage (children’s discarded paintings, newspaper, aluminum foil) and paint on canvas); 2016