Kieran Madden

10.75″x8.25″; paper collage; 2014

Kieran Madden
Brooklyn, New York, USA


Kieran Madden’s collages are all hand-made “cut and paste” pieces. His work ranges from spontaneous humorous works, to carefully constructed tableaux with some form of social commentary.

When at the cutting mat choosing material, the fact that they are often idealized images from a more prosperous bygone era is not lost on him. In creating new contexts and narratives from these ephemeral scraps of paper, the resulting work is inevitably loaded with irony.


Kieran Madden is an Australian collage and mixed media artist based in Brooklyn, New York. He studied design and fine art in Sydney, Australia, before moving to New York in 2008.

He creates entirely analog collages leaving his use of digital tools for his work as a graphic designer.

Kieran is one of the original members of the Brooklyn Collage Collective and has shown his work in a number of exhibitions with the group. Through his presence on social media he has gathered an international following and his work appears for sale in online galleries.


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If I Die Before I Wake
9.75″x8.5″; paper collage; 2014

13.75″x7.2″; paper collage; 2014