Lucie Bosquin

A Never Ending Kiss
10″x10″; paper collage; 2016

Lucie Bosquin
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Growing up in Belgium, I was a flea market kid. I have fond memories of getting up at the crack of dawn with my dad to hunt for treasures and nab the best finds. I’ve always evolved in spaces that valued old over new, and my golden rule is to keep my creations analog.

Using old magazines (40s-70s) gleaned from bazaars and markets, I aim to transport the viewer into a world of adventure, imagination, and kitsch, exploring the course of humanity and its mutations. I love the naivete depicted by characters in this era, and appreciate the contrast with the current state of world affairs.


Lucie Bosquin completed a Master in Social Communications and Advertising in Brussels in 2009. She also studied upholstery and currently works as a furniture artist.

After trying her skills in a variety of interests, including drawing, sculpture, and photography, she discovered her current medium of expression.

Collage was an unintentional passion, born out of a cold Montreal winter and the desire to develop a hobby that married meticulousness and tactility. Her scissors have been going ever since.

Her love of collage has slowly found its place in her work as a career upholsterer, where she experiments with vinyl, leather, and fabric to transform unloved finds into unique furniture pieces.


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Dinner Is Served
13″x9″; paper collage; 2015

The Little Watchers
13″x13″; paper collage; 2016

Please Enjoy Your Meal
9″x7″; paper collage; 2015

Human Frenzy
10″x7.5″; paper collage; 2016