Manika Post

Virtual Feelings
16″x12″; paper collage on wood; 2017

Manika Post
Barcelona, Spain


As human beings on Planet Earth, we constantly search for answers about our own existence and concepts that transcend us, but that are also part of us as individuals, of which we are a part of, like the cells inside of the Whole. Cells that are always changing and evolving, constantly recognizing themselves.

In that sense, composition through collage means to me, not just reaching the end of a work piece, but the experience of a profound understanding that a creative process brings in itself, through receptivity and reflection. It helps me to transform concepts into reality and be conscious of the responsibility of the co-creation principle. By listening to my essence, I grow every day for it and I try to present it as proof of its own existence, as a transmuting tool.


I was born on May 13, 1985 in Lima, Peru. I am the daughter of Argentine parents and granddaughter of grandparents of Italian, Lebanese, Argentinian and Canarian descent.

In 2004, I traveled to Buenos Aires to study and find my roots. I became fascinated with the visual information that I found, so I started doing collage. I understood that I didn’t need a homeland and loved the freedom to be who I am, my life itself is a collage. In 2007, I returned to Lima and between 2010 to 2015, I lived between Lima and Barcelona.

Now I’m based in Barcelona, constantly exploring new collage techniques and putting together this wonderful composition that life is. Some group shows I have been in include: the “International Weird Collage Show” (Peru) and “Artists Wanted!” at Iam Gallery (Madrid) and Hartmann Gallery (Barcelona). I had a solo show of my work at Domingo (Peru).

My work was also published in Making The Cut, Vol. 1: The World’s Best Collage Artists (Crooks Press, Australia, 2017).


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Live Webcam
16″x12″; paper collage on wood; 2017

Female Agent
16″x12″; paper collage on wood; 2017

Plastic Self
16″x12″; paper collage on wood; 2016

Bipolaridad Humana
35.8″x27.6″; paper collage; 2014