Meghan Larimer

Flower Buds
8″x5”; cut & torn magazine photos pasted on paper; 2018

Meghan Larimer
Brooklyn, New York, USA


My collages are my visual diary, interpretations of thoughts and observations, therapy for my wild range of feelings, and a visualization of the poetic narrative in my head. They vary from whimsical to violent, dreamy and surreal. I don’t box myself into one particular style or medium. Instead I let my creation process flow organically in whatever way feels right.

I’m inspired by New York and other cities I visit. The street art and walls tell a story of the transient art that is constantly changing with every tag, poster, and attempt to cover it all up with a fresh coat of paint, only to be peeled away to reveal what’s beneath. I try to replicate this beautiful process in my work, adding layer upon layer of paper and paint, tearing it apart and adding more scraps to create a rich composition.


I’m a multidisciplinary designer and artist located in Brooklyn, New York. I create branding and content with an artistic flair for companies big and small with the underlying thread of collage. My own personal collages are my creative outlet and I spend as much time away from the screen as possible when cutting things up and pasting them back together again. I’m a founding member of the New York Collage Ensemble, a collaborative group of New York based artists.


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Tangier, 2017
10″x8”; cut & torn magazine photos pasted on paper; 2017
7″x10”; cut magazine photos pasted on paper; 2020
Road Head
4.75″x5.5”; cut & torn magazine photos pasted on paper; 2020
Sketchbook 012
7″x10”; cut & torn magazine photos pasted in notebook; 2020