Noëlle Maline

Eclipse No. 2
11″x8″; paper, paint, pencil, ink; 2016

Noëlle Maline
Los Angeles, California, USA


Noelle Maline’s work is about documenting transparent things and recording imaginary communication into something that is tangible…Mapping invisible communication and navigating dreams.

Her most recent works entail creating narrative mixed media collages involving paint, ink, old photographs, hand cut outs and drawings that translate static, echoes and sound waves from somewhere in the back of the mind.


Noelle grew up by the sea in Long Beach, California. Her mother was a writer and librarian. She would would bring home old books to fill the house up to the ceiling. Her father researched history and was good with numbers. Her older brother worked in a book shop and collected rocks out by the old mines. Coming from a family of collectors, they would bring back obsolete findings from various road trips to be displayed all over the house. Noelle learned early on that Everything had a story, and that some of the most interesting ones were of the unknown and untold.

Noelle started taking private art classes early on and became mostly interested in oil painting and collage work. She studied photography at a mountaineering school in the Colorado Rockies and attended California Institute of the Arts for a short while. Noelle then took a few years off for traveling and research. During this time, she won the Art of California Gold Award. Thereupon, she went back to complete her degree at Cal Arts and was awarded a BFA in the studies of visual art, installation and experimental sound.

Some of her most recent other projects have been installations of small museums, art direction and production design for independent films and sound score performances to found film footage projections.

Noelle lives and works in Los Angeles, California.


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Eclipse No. 7
7″x5″; paper, paint, pencil, old photo, wood; 2016

Eclipse No. 8
5″x7″; paper, paint, pencil, old photo, wood; 2016

Eclipse No. 1
7″x5″; paint, pencil, old photo, wood; 2016

Eclipse No. 3
5″x7″; paper, paint, pencil, old photo, wood; 2016