Ralph Aeschliman

Persistence of Mythology
10″x38″; collage; 2012

Ralph Aeschliman
Moscow, Idaho, USA


I’ve been free to paint for some seven years now with no thought of the market or if people would like my work or not. I think I have made some powerful pieces and would like to share them with folks who might like them. Since many of my pieces are collage, Kolaj magazine is a natural place to start.


My professional career started when I was invited to display my work at the Otto Seligman Gallery in Seattle in 1965. For many years I lived as an artist, showing in galleries in Seattle, San Francisco, Toronto, and New York. The art world seemed to be crumbling from the start and I sought living traditions I could climb into and succor. The mystic painting of the Pacific Northwest and the oriental painting traditions were especially attractive to me, with special emphasis on Sung Dynasty Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphy. Huge strains on art after Reagan and Cocaine culture shift. Interest in astronomy and cartography lead me to Flagstaff, Arizona where I worked as an airbrush cartographer mapping planets for NASA for 11 years. Now back into “art”.


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16″x4″; collage; 2008

Persimmon Wind
37″x24″; collage; 2010