Stephen Tierney

Beasts, Men and Gods (short series)
approx. 6″x4″ each; collage on three book covers; 2015

Stephen Tierney
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


“Most recently I have been interested in the influences and the connections that occur through collaborative processes, allowing for new ideas, creative techniques, and ways of thinking to be shared openly. Originally from Sydney, Australia, I have been living in various countries between South East Asia and Latin America since 2011. I’m currently based in Oaxaca, Mexico where I work on my own collage and mixed media art for exhibition internationally, as well as collaborating with local artists on implementing community based creative projects.”


Steve Tierney studied design and illustration at Sydney Graphics College, where he was taught and strongly influenced by Australian artist Peter Powditch. As a mixed media artist, he works primarily in the technique of collage, creating floating landscapes where figures interact amongst faces and words, dissected by buildings, machinery and everyday objects in a collage of images cut and pasted from magazines and advertising of the 50’s and 60’s. An obsession with collecting discarded objects has been an on-going inspiration. The connection to urban environment and essentially a critique of social behaviour and interaction is central to his artworks’ meaning. Tierney has held solo and group exhibitions of his art and paintings in Australia, Tokyo, Cambodia and México since 2003.


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Machine Wins
11.8″x9.8″; collage on wooden board; 2014

Nothing to Fear
11.8″x9.8″; collage on wooden board; 2014

He’s Lost Control
19.7″x15.7″; collage on wooden board; 2014

Come As You Are
9.8″x7.9″; collage on wooden board; 2014