Susana Belen

Walker nº 2
11.6″x7.8″; collage on paper; 2021

Susana Belen
Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia


Susana Belen is an emerging collage artist who sees her practice as a deep way of interconnection between who we are and who we were, with other eras, cultures, creatures and even to other people’s dreams and intimacy. Her imagery makes use of nature’s shapes to create surreal instants, a blink of time in our life, a not always comfortable piece, but constantly trying to reach delight in what we see, classifying her aesthetics as “pleasant weirdness”.

She works, mainly, with old books and magazines of any kind. For her, is particularly important to use what is already created, especially with materials that belonged to other people before, mainly to connect with others through invisible ties, but also, being conscious that we live in a world overcrowded with objects that we can re-use instead of discarding.


Susana Belen lives in Australia, but she was born in Chile, in a family very inclined to artistic talents.

Knowing that her life was irretrievably linked to art, but still trying to figure it out how, she decided to study a Bachelor of Theory and Art History, from where she came out with top honors, but with a great existential void. After a couple of years of denying everything related to the artistic world and its meaning in her life and in society, collage appeared as a revelation; what she had always been looking for, had been always there: the desire to connect the remnants left in this world by different cultures, at different times and in various formats, with the aim of externalizing how intimate a work that exposes and re-exposes experiences taken from their original context can become.

In 2021, after working with collage for almost two years, she decided to start showing her work to the world, getting selected for different exhibitions and publications in Spain, Italy, Mexico, USA, Chile, Peru, Venezuela and England.


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Waiting For The Explosion
11.6″x14.1″; collage on paper; 2021
Not A Simple Horse
11.6″x16.1″; collage on paper; 2021
A House That Will Never Be Crowded Again
8.2″”x5.7″; collage on paper; 2021
Me Desdoblo
4.9″x6.9″; collage on paper; 2021