Tessa Moxey

Akai kuchibeni (Red Lipstick)
47″x33″; mixed-media collage; 2018

Tessa Moxey
Paraparaumu, New Zealand


Tessa Moxey’s work is unabashedly silly and full of humour, poking fun at her own memories as well as people she sees in her everyday life. Her style is coherent across her catalog of work which includes collage, illustration and jewelry. She takes a great deal of inspiration from textiles and pattern creation, weaving her own narrative into these using analog and digital methods of collage, mixed-media and embroidery in unique and creative ways.


Hailing from Aotearoa/New Zealand, Tessa Moxey is an illustrator and artist whose work is expressive, energetic and filled with enigmatic use of colour. Originally trained as a designer and illustrator at Massey University, New Zealand, her artistic practice has grown to include collage, textile arts and jewellery making. She has exhibited her work in New Zealand and has freelanced both in her home country and abroad. Tessa is currently working as an arts educator in New Zealand.


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Kouyou (Autumn Leaves)
15.7″x15.7″; mixed-media collage; 2018

33.1″x23.4″; mixed-media collage; 2015