Collage mural in Milano; 2017



Collagistas Festival was founded in 2014 by 3 artists; Lane, Rob Benders and Taher Jaoui. The idea was born when Lane and Rob discussed the possibility of organizing a collage festival which would be organized by artists for artists; be entirely self-funding and would take place in a different country each year. At that time Taher was living in Berlin and offered to host the first exhibition. Since then, after annual exhibitions in several countries, the Collagistas team has changed. Today the permanent members of Collagistas are; Lane, Una Gildea, Silvio Severino, Denis Kollasch, Demos Tsormpatzoglou and Kai Holland.


They provide a platform to explore and discuss how collage is made and the role of collage in contemporary visual culture. Their aim is also to engage the general public and the wider art community in these discussions. They are growing into a dynamic, committed group and this is reflected in the annual exhibition and events. Public interested has also grown with the workshops and the presentations proving very popular and successful.

Discussion in Brussels; 2019


All the activities of Collagistas Festival – the exhibition, workshops, presentations and lectures – are open to the public. For those who can’t travel to the host country they upload all the material on their website and social network.

The official announcement of their next destination is released 7 to 8 months before the opening day of the festival. Each year there is a different theme and an open call is made inviting collage artists to submit a new work based on the theme. The art work must not be shown online or in any gallery before the opening of the Festival. Any collage artist who would like to be a part of the Festival can apply.


Collagistas Festival is a celebration of contemporary collage. It is a self-funding festival organised by artists for artists. Their primary purpose is to create an opportunity where collage artists from all over the world can come together once a year in a different country to share ideas and thoughts about their collage practice and to disseminate this information through workshops and presentations.



Workshop in Eindhoven; 2016