Edinburgh Collage Collective

Installation for International Women’s Day
Courtesy of the curator.

Edinburgh Collage Collective

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom


Rhed Fawell founded the Edinburgh Collage Collective in 2016, the year of the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom. “It was born out of anxiety and a looming sense of disconnection globally,” recalled Fawell. “I had also just relocated to Edinburgh, so there was a strong personal incentive to build new connections both locally and internationally.”

The Collective has organized a number of exhibitions and open call projects, often around a particular them. In 2017, “G.L.U.E” used the envelope as a starting point. In 2018, “Vinylism” used the record. In 2019, “Label Fables” used luggage labels.

Projects have also addressed social issues, such as their 2019 project “Women’s Day” in support of International Women’s Day and “Disrupting Climate Disruption” which resulted in a publication of the entries. “Cut & Post” in collaboration with Birmingham, United Kingdom collagist Mark Murphy produced a limited-edition postcard set. And the Collective has organized workships at Central Library, James Gillespies Primary and High Schools, Summerhall, Leith School of Art and the Edinburgh College of Art.

In 2019, The Collective collaborated with the National Galleries of Scotland to support the exhibition “Cut and Paste: 400 Years of Collage.” The project invited artists to create a piece of work in response to one of the images featured in the show. A panel selected the best submissions to feature online.

“It’s been a joy to meet and work with the many talented and warm-hearted individuals who make up this very special community,” said Fawell.

Installation for “Vinylism”
Courtesy of the curator.


Edinburgh Collage Collective’s goal is to develop an environment where like-minded collagists can share ideas and build creative opportunities. Through regular showcasing of artists’ work and open call projects, we hope to excite and inspire interest in collage and open up a dialog around the medium. We also encourage our followers to reach out to one another and to connect independently, hopefully forging ties which can lead to the future projects.


The Collective is an online collage community. Projects are open to all and not specific to collage artists. To get involved, visit the website or social media platforms.


Open Call Projects
The Collective organizes projects throughout the year that invite artists to submit, often via an Instagram tag, to exhibitions and other collaborative efforts.

In February 2019, The Collective worked with the Scandinavian Collage Museum to create Februllage. They invite collage artists to challenge themselves to make a collage every day through the month of February, inspired by daily word prompts. A calendar of prompts is issued in January.